A quick guide on how to test your system in order to participate successfully in the virtual classroom

It will require you to take three steps to check your computer and find out, if it fullfills the technical requirements for joining the virtual classroom

1. Step

Hereby is verified if your computer has the current Java runtime Version installed and if your browser accepts Java and cookies.

In case that all of the three tests have been carried out successfully .showing a .green. OK . please proceed to Step 2
In case that a _red_ OFF is showing, please install the current Java runtime Version by using the link and adjust your browser settings.

Further help is provided when using the mouse-over on OFF


off    Help

2. Step

Before you will be able to access the virtual classroom, you need to install a plugin for your browser. Please download the relevant plugin for your browser by using the links below and install it by double clicking. There is no need to accept any license agreement during installation, which is for free anyhow.

Plugin for Internet Explorer: Download

Plugin for Firefox: Download

3. Step

After having successfully completed Step 1 and 2, here you will have to execute a final check of your system If your system is all set, you will see a _green_ BEREIT. Now, please access the classroom. If you read _Congratulations!_ your system is ready.

If you happen to see a _red_ NICHT BEREIT, your system needs to be further tested. In this case please contact Markus Dirks under 06083- 913023, who will be of assistance to you

Good luck and a successful training at the Freund+Dirks Virtual Academie

In case of technical problems please contact Markus Dirks under 06083- 913023, thank you very much!